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Challenges & Drama...

As I sit here writing out this blog... I am thinking how overly challenging my job is. Being an advocate for those living with challenges. It's  like putting a puzzle together that other people don't have time nor the patience to do, let alone the talent. I can hear those voices in the back of my head saying, Girl you got to be "Crazy", for one you are way to emotional. The reason why I say emotional is because, while trying to listen and communicate with a challenged person... they will often times say things they do not mean... and it can become very painful. So often times it is best to say wait a second, you are thinking something, and trying to say something, but it doesn't match.

Often times people with challenges are viewed as big Drama machines. 

For the longest time, my opinion about drama has been... What you don't like life... because life is "DRAMA"... but recently I have coupled that opinion with the new philosopy of..."DRAMA" is only drama when the person looking at it reacts. We are all aware of  Newtons Law and Theory, "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". In the perspective of challenges and advocacy, we make sure that our reactions are positive and diverting from the negative.  Humanity lives by this theory, but what if this theory is dampening/limiting our minds capacity of reaching its full 110% usage? For those of you that do not know... the human brain is capable of that capacity, and once that capacity is reached, amazing things happen, for example telekinesis, the ability to move things with ones mind, to be able to transmit and receive electrical current, as we all are made of energy anyways. We ingest energy everyday in the food that we eat, filled with vitamins, and minerals. I am certain you have heard the term "you are what you eat".

Have you ever noticed when a storm passes through the area,  you just don't feel right, or how about my next door neighbor seems to be having a great day while I am having a horrible day, and it certainly feels like it's all at my expense, even though it technically isn't. I have done this set my mind to having a great day and my neighbor has a not so great day.  It starts as a child, we learn subconsciously if we act out we get what we want, then it goes on further to learning how to be a bully... we get in our minds that we are no good, we are having a bad day, and if  I create drama for someone else nobody will notice me. Even though for some of us we grow up and out of that bullying stage, it is our design to still influence nature. Here is a  great example... as I was raising my children I noticed that when I woke up and I was having a bad day, my children would have a bad day too. I didn't want that for my children so I programmed myself to be happy every morning when I woke up, eventually my children's performances in school improved greatly. If we take look at the testimonial section on this page where Molly stated how I influenced the community where we lived, when I stated it doesn't matter how you feel, honk your horn when driving by a friends house, drop them an e-mail or text message, it will help them have a better day, and your day will improve as well.  It has a lot to do with endorphins, which is the good feelings you get when you get a hug from a friend. The hormones that promote positive feelings.

In regards to Challenges and Drama... what if we didn't look at the drama? As in never happened... LOL!! "these are not the droids you are looking for"! How may I help you? Go back to the statement... "It is in our design to influence nature". There is a lot of truth to "Waking up on the wrong side of the bed". In a earlier blog I stated, that everything has a positive and negative, just like a battery has to have  positive and negative terminals to be powered. The key word "power" as in energy, as in what we all are. We are all placing to much emphasis on the negative. Generally in a human perspective negative comes from fear, then it also comes from being uneducated, especially when it comes to the challenged. Today with technology the way it is, it is easier to become educated.

Brain Injury Productions purpose to build those virtual simulators, through the use of film, public speaking and education, is adding that extra little kick to utilizing that 110% of the brain.. and if I may be so bold to say... turning us into that awesome ball of energy mass, or you can call it magic if you wish. We will "Change The World"...and in a more spiritual sense if you want to get right down to it. We are all created in the image of GOD.

If you believe sign my guestbook!

Created by: Bethany Bromley

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The purpose of this guestbook is to get some feedback from you. What do you like/ don't like ? How can we move forward in producing a message that will "Change The World"?

Bethany Bromley originally published 6/4/17

A New Strategy...

As you all may or may not know, our current documentary is in the film festival circuit, and then after that who knows.  Since I have a lot of extra time on my hands, while I am waiting for all the film festival judging to finish; (and believe me waiting is the hardest thing to do), I turn my focus to marketing, webpage development, new plans and ideas. 

My job I feel as Director of the organization is building it's future, and the one thing that keeps holding me back from that is continuing to work on the things I have already built.

So for the new plans, building the brain training page more, adding more games to it. Bicycling road trips, more filming and editing for brain training videos. The video below, that is if I can get my back to hold out on me.

However lately I have been reflecting on all the people that have been helping me. The people that have been sharing blog posts, sharing my IMDb link, sharing the film trailer, sharing the GoFundme Campaign, marking Brain Injury Productions as their favorite charity on eBay. Sometimes when you are not seeing a whole lot of progress, it's easy to forget about those little efforts that some people have made. What I have decided to do is grow my contributor list on the Home Page .  Soon I will have volunteer/contributor appreciation day/night. It does keep me quite active tracking down every share: (but hey at least I am not focusing on film festival and the fact that I hate competition), and listing the names of "EVERY" single person. Including the people that have written testimonials.

Besides that I want to implement new features to this blog. Not only do I want to add comment boxes, (coming in the near future) but I want to add letters, "YOUR LETTERS". I want you to write me letters telling about the hardest obstacle you deal with, with your challenge. Examples are, I have a hard time getting out of bed, or I have a hard time sleeping at night, or I experience problems when people tell me that I do not know anything. This is important because, it will help Brain Injury Productions with its purpose of "Providing a better connection to society for those living with challenges". The Ada provides employers and caretakers little pamphlets with small descriptions of what it is like dealing with a person with a specific challenge, the problem is those descriptions do not do justice to the person or to the challenge, because we are all different. It is time that we all start talking. Another example, I have a hard time sleeping at night, and when this happens I experience troubles with fatigue, and when I am fatigue my cognitive deficits  are greatly enhanced. Sometimes so bad that I get physically ill. Now since my Neuro pathways are damaged, my brain starts sending my body the wrong messages, and if I continue to ignore those messages I will stop functioning and everything will get worse. then we could go on to add, it isn't that I cannot be a part of  a functioning society, I just have to take it slow.

To send me a letter that can be viewed here in this blog shoot it to me in an E-mail.

Created by: Bethany Bromley

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The purpose of this guestbook is to get some feedback from you. What do you like/ don't like ? How can we move forward in producing a message that will "Change The World"?

Bethany Bromley originally published 4/7/17

Am I Crazy?? (No Offense)...

It still amazes me to this day how quickly doctors (general practitioners), and counselors quickly assume and diagnose people with mental illnesses and automatically label them bi polar, Schizophrenic, etc. Then come the drugs. Though they might help mask the depression or other psychiatric symptom, it is wrecking havoc in another part of your body... this is when you know the drug is not working.

Though it may not be entirely their fault. What do you expect to get when you go see a general practitioner doctor? Generalized treatment or sent out to another doctor who specializes in what the general practitioner believes you have, for example sent to a neurologist or a psychiatrist. It is the primary goal of any doctor to do his/her best to provide the best medical treatment for their patient, thus they go off of what they "KNOW". In some instances, it is safe to say that even some of them may be trying to further their career and knowledge by experience. Imagine having severe tremors and being giving an egg to hold without breaking it, but you have to pass it off to someone else, you are not entirely sure you can do that without breaking it, so you are a bit indecisive as what to do, you suck it up and say ok I have been given this responsibility and I am going to do my best to see to its safety. There is no way that I can be guaranteed that the next person is going to do any better. This is a part of human nature. I admire doctors for their challenging careers, and some times having to deal with indecisiveness. These people are some very strong people who have to put their reputations, and their economic livelihood on the line, struggling daily to stay afloat in a world where there are so many other doctors. Yes this is true with any other career as well.

As some of you may have an idea as to what my feelings are towards the FDA and drugs, as you might hear me scream I hate them. "Why can't they just stick to their purpose of regulating farms and food production?" I am curious as to how many of the people that work for the FDA are nutritionist, or even have a basic understanding of facts and figures in math.


Created by: Bethany Bromley

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The purpose of this guestbook is to get some feedback from you. What do you like/ don't like ? How can we move forward in producing a message that will "Change The World"?

Bethany Bromley originally published 7/6/16

A Dreamers dreams do come true...

I often find myself thinking back to 2004 during my taekwondo training and the inception of the Neighborhood Watch program I started for the community. The Chief of Police at the time brought the program to me and said that he was having difficulty finding anyone to pick it up and start it... and asked me to see what I could do with it. I studied up on it in my free time. A year later we were ready to start. Over the next few years as I lead the program the Chief told me that I was going to make an amazing advocate. I wonder if even then was the beginning of BIP. It had to have been because my skills were becoming fine tuned. Also if I hadn't mentioned before as a child I was being told this.

Being a leader of an organization designed to deal with the public it was important to be able to understand every aspect of the kinds of people you will be dealing then I decided to incorporate the Department of Justices Americans with Disabilities Act information into my own knowledge. Through all the crime prevention training I had... I realized that this information was of most importance to those with challenges because besides women being a large percentage of victims of crime... it is the challenged as well.

Most of your police and sheriff's become amazing in the field of human psychology over the years, as many different types of people they have to deal with. Making them great humanitarians. Rarely do you ever see them get public recognition for any wonderful work they do.

The department of justice offers training for law enforcement in regards to the ADA and how to respond to the challenged. I am very pleased to see better treatment for the challenged in this respect. However I would like to see this training a requirement at the academy. As a cadet just getting out of the academy and being placed on the force one of your first calls will be to the challenged...and if you act as an arrogant officer you will have just escalated the situation further. You will not be aware of proper response unless you have had the elective training. So far it is elective training, meaning the officer does not have to attend the training if they do not want to, and also if the department has no staff on hand to teach it. Heck Crime Prevention isn't even a required course to get through the academy.

Let's theorize for a moment. Say if you have polio without mental issues, and you need the assistance of law enforcement. At that moment while you are waiting for their arrival...because of the negative stigmas of the challenged a human mind will become panicked. Also on occasions in this situation producing strange behavior. Dealing with an untrained officer the situation can escalate to be something more than it really was.

Let's change polio into ADHD. My point I am trying to make is you never know what is going to be present.

Therefore it is important for the challenged to say...I do have challenges...a medical issue. What if though you are unaware you have one. An example of being unaware is having been raised in a sheltered environment or unaware of a chemical change occurring with in your body that is leading up to a challenge like diabetes or a blood disorder.%3