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The box you see below will contain all of your stories. Here are the rules though... Your story will be written and sent to Brain Injury Productions for edit... meaning corrected for spelling and grammer mistakes only. I will not change your story. Your story must not have bad language, and must refrain from mocking anyone or being negative in any form. Also your story must include a current picture of you and if you like if at all possible include a picture of your disabling condition, meaning a picture from the accident which caused you to become disabled. I know some of it may be a little gory for some viewers, but hey they need to learn... right? Later down the road there will be two text boxes on this page, one mainly for brain stories and another for some creative short stories. Rules to writing short stories... They must be clean, nothing pornagraphic, or containing foul language. An example of a good story to write is an encouraging story about a little girl who learned through experiences etc. Please include your picture with the story as well. The purpose for doing this is because writting is also one really good form of rehabilitation. Once you come back to see your story published with spelling and grammer corrected you, you will become a better writer. We also need to start encouraging and inspiring others to give us a fair stake at life. Do you ever feel like you are talking and talking and nobody is listening to you? Keep writing, keep retraining the flow and naturally you will get better in communicating with others. Also care givers... dont forget about the love letters to an aspie blog... found here at Brain Injury Productions at Love Letters to an "ASPIE" we need writers there too.

Brain Stories

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Creative Stories

Put your creative story and picture here... to do that you must e-mail them to us first.

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